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I dont really know how to approach this topic. and i dont know if i can really tell any one about it.
I liked the fact that for the first time in a while, i wasnt being judged for what i wear, what i listen to or the fact i hate school.
They actually cared about what has and will happen in my life.
They gave me opportunities that know one else can give me, and how they gave me a choice.
They cleared alot of things that have been on my mind for a while.
They saw i was confused about what i wanted so they helped me choose something, i liked and would be interested in.
But under that all i still dont know if i can trust them, i dont want to turn out like them. i just want some people like them to hang out with to keep me away from things that i want.

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Telling the truth won't do,
for that was a surprise to be
God alone knows that I really wanted to make a change
in you and be the first to greatly surprise you.
But it all fell on me and I feel like simply taking my life away though it won't help and God forbid.
I know exactly how you feel about me
for it's not the first time it's happening
and I doubt if you'd ever again give me a genuine smile.
Am sorry from the bottom most part of my heart
and it was never meant to be that way
and will never happen.
But though I've hurt you and I also hurt
God had a perfect reason
and from someone who madly
and frankly loved you, I'll miss you.
You were and always have been sweet,
I miss your touching comfort and more so I miss you.
I know I'll never ever be with you again
but whoever loves you better love you the way I did
coz one day you'll realise I love you
but maybe now it's time to move on.
I love you and as long as you're happy
I'm happy too and I'll desperately miss you...

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1. I have known you the shortest amount of time out of all of my friends, but i still feel closer to you then any of my other friends. Its a pitty bout your age, but somethings you can never change.

2. Its been to long with no contact. But even after years of not talking we still get along like a house on fire. Its friends like you that make everything worth while.

3. Bonita. Every time your around i am guaranteed a fun day. The world is so much more beautiful with you around. And i hope we are friends for ever.

4. Why is everything i do wrong in your eyes? i know you pay attention to detail but seriously its not nice to be so picky on a 'friend'. I dont judge or pick on you. so how bout giving me a break.

5. I wish we talked more often. Cus when you tell me things its believable. We are so different yet the same. and ever since you've been in my life i've learnt so much bout myself, cus i see it in you.

6. how do i say this......FUCK OFF. i hate you. i dont like you in any way shape or form. i cant stand to be near you. you have to have my full attention 24/7 and i hate it. and dont complain about me leavin st. johns cus u'll be alone. WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT IN MY FUTURE.

7. im still in love with you. no other way to say it. But i dont like you as a person, so i'll never act on it.

8. I wish we caught up more out side of school. As a mate i wish i could get to know you more. but its hard when we spend minimal time together. but over all i do enjoy our 'bonding' time.

9. Who ever told you that emos own the colour black, it a fucktard. and honey its annoying when you call me lesbian and emo. the first couple of times it was funny, but now it hurts. I do enjoy hanging out with you but seriously back off from the name calling.

10. i hate how u get it your way.

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Well i offically have 34 days until i finish school at St. Johns. YAY.
that includes weekends so its not alot of school days.
im so excited. but i know Elyssa, Elese, Anja, Jess, Thomas, Ben, Kahlel a Mah Lel and may others are not as excited.
could they for once see that i am not happy at st. johns, its a task going there. i dont like anything about it. IT SUCKS. I know the work at tafe is gonna be hard but i dont care, cus i like IT. i dont like the shit you guys do. its so...pointless. so for fuck sake get over it and be happy for me that i'll be happy for once.

peace out

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we suffer when we're cold
we're complaining when we're hot
and we dont even notice when we're neither of those.

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