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my bad - willz_bak
my bad
Telling the truth won't do,
for that was a surprise to be
God alone knows that I really wanted to make a change
in you and be the first to greatly surprise you.
But it all fell on me and I feel like simply taking my life away though it won't help and God forbid.
I know exactly how you feel about me
for it's not the first time it's happening
and I doubt if you'd ever again give me a genuine smile.
Am sorry from the bottom most part of my heart
and it was never meant to be that way
and will never happen.
But though I've hurt you and I also hurt
God had a perfect reason
and from someone who madly
and frankly loved you, I'll miss you.
You were and always have been sweet,
I miss your touching comfort and more so I miss you.
I know I'll never ever be with you again
but whoever loves you better love you the way I did
coz one day you'll realise I love you
but maybe now it's time to move on.
I love you and as long as you're happy
I'm happy too and I'll desperately miss you...

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